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Your are on Wednesday 11, Oct 2017
-- Bodyweight: 221.6

1. Press: 135x2, 155x2, 185x1, x1, then 2x4x155lbs, then 2x4x135lbs

2. Low bar, high squat: 315x3
3. High-ish bar squat, around parallel: 3x5x225lbs
4. Chest to bar: 6x3 = 18 reps

Might need to re-tool squat to be a high-ish bar squat. I say "high-ish" because it's not on top of traps, but not usual low-bar position either.

Note: not using knee sleeves any more. Nor wrist wraps.

Squat variations could be low-bar, sit back, maybe even try the flat shoes.

But for now try to get down the high-bar motion. Narrow stance, toes out, bar high, looking straight ahead, pull elbows into sides. Stay out of pain ROM!
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