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Your are on Tuesday 13, Aug 2019
-- Bodyweight: 160
Run 15 min
Started internship yesterday so ive been really tired from getting up at 6
Left shoulder has been really painful. Noticed it first while playing tennis on Sunday. Feels like impingement. Worst motion is abduction while internally rotated. Feels the worse while appraching 90 degrees. Internal rotation and abduction hurt but are feeling better. Heat and warming up make it feel better. I guess i have to do some rom stuff and basic shoulder shit which really pisses me off. Forehands also make it hurt bc of horizontal abduction while internally rotated so it better get better quickly.
Also feeling really weak from not working out and being tired. Time to get back on the horse. Idk how much i can do while actually having responsibilities
Also im pissed aboht this shoulder bc it didnt even have a slow build up or mx. It just hurt during tennis amd then felt like super shit after cooling down. Probably didnt help i slept in a car sunday night lol...
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