Age 27 , BW 84.5
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Your are on Sunday 22, Mar 2020
Custom ~1RM (EFF) Factor = 31.
-- Bodyweight: 84.7
While it is still possible I go for a daily walk (~6000 steps).

Warm-up routine consisting of active stretches and bracing exercises.

- Unilateral row w/ band 1x100 <- will double number of bands to make it harder next time

- Zercher squat w/ backpack 3x10 3s ECC
- Unilateral row w/ (double) band 3x10 3s hold
- Side plank

- Cossack squat w/ backpack 3x10
- Unilateral pulldown w/ band 3x10 3s hold

- Split squat w/ backpack 2x10
- Superman hold 2x10/7 3s hold

- Abductor w/ band 2x15
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