Age 28 , BW 96.5
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Your are on Monday 28, Sep 2020
Custom ~1RM (EFF) Factor = 60.
-- Bodyweight: 96.5
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Teams af 3 - EMOM
15 Worm Thrusters 80 kg
12-20 C2B
8 Complete Burpee Box Jump Overs 24"/20"
12 Hang Power Snatch 40/30 kg
x5 runder

PM: 16-17
A3: Alternating EMOM x 10 mins:
Minute 1: Row 20/15 Cals
Minute 2: 6 Push jerks @75kg-82.5kg with a cap at 205/145lbs (93/66kg)

Notes: The focus of this EMOM should be more on the barbell than on the rowing so if you can not complete 20/15 cals in 50s whilst working at a moderate effort then reduce to 17/12 cals. The barbell weight should allow you do do 6 reps unbroken TNG off the shoulders.

A4: Back Squats
2x8 @107.25kg
1x6 @115.5kg
2x3 @132kg
1x20 @90.75kg
Rest 90s to 2 min between sets

Notes: Try to keep all these sets wits a controlled descent, so you don't just bang them out of the way. Especially for the set of 20, try to keep all the reps controlled and with a good technique throughout, I don't want to see any goodmornings through the last few reps.
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