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Your are on Wednesday 17, Jul 2019
-- Bodyweight: 98
AM: 09.30 - 11.30
Warm Up
With an empty barbell, 1Ã10 reps of each:
Jefferson curl
Good morning
Back squat
Front squat
With a light load, 2Ã5 reps of each:
Hang muscle clean
Paused front squat
Hang power clean
Front squat
20,20,30 kg

A1: EMOM x 15 minutes:
3 Hang power cleans
3 Front squats

Notes: Warm up thoroughly and then pick a weight that you think you can maintain for all 15 rounds.
Done med 60 kg - passer paa ryggen. Foles OK.

B1: For time:
10 Rounds
1 legless rope climb
100ft sprint

-Rest 5 minutes-

B2: For time:
250ft Handstand walk
(Scale to 5 minute AMRAP HSW)

Notes: You can choose yourself which of B1 our B2 you do first, I would suggest starting with your weaker movement to practice under less fatigue. If needed, scale B1 to 7 or 5 rounds or alternatively you can scale to either shorty RC or regular RC.
Score: 7:39 (LLRC) - 4:36 (HSW)

C: 90 Seconds of work : 3 minutes of rest
20/13 Calories Assault bike
AMRAP DB thrusters until you reach 75 reps

Notes: There is a 6 round cap on this workout. If you can not complete the prescribed calories in under a minute then scale them slightly. Thrusters are done with 2 DBâs:
Games/Sanctional/RX athletes: 50/35lbs
Beginner athletes: 40/25lbs
Score: 5 runder - 14,15,16,16,14 (1:20) 2x22.5 kg DB's

PM: 18.15 - 19.00
Strength x Power (Optional)
A2: Front rack barbell lunge step, 4Ã8 reps (4/4)
Done: 70 kg

A3: Superset 3 rounds of:
Barbell hip thrusts x 12 reps
Alternating jumping lunges x 20 reps
Wall sit x 45s
Rest 2:30
Done: 70 kg BHP, BW JL, BW WS
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