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Your are on Wednesday 21, Aug 2019
-- Bodyweight: 97
(PRIORITY- This is always the main focus of the day)
A1: For max load:
DB hang split snatch x 20 unbroken alternating reps
Rest 60s
DB hang clean and split jerk x 20 unbroken alternating reps
Rest 2 minutes and repeat for a total of 4 sets.
Set 1: 20 reps per movement
Set 2: 16 reps per movement
Set 3: 12 reps per movement
Set 4: 8 reps per movement
15,22.5x20 DB HSS


B: For Time:
40/30 Calories C2 bike
30 TTB
20 DB squats 2Ã50/35lbs
10 Bar muscle ups
Rest 4 minutes
x 4 rounds

Notes: Some solid high volume intervals today, the aim is to move as fast as you can whilst keeping some consistency between sets.
Games/Sanctional athletes: Complete as above
RX athletes: 25 TTB + 7 Bar muscle ups
Beginner athletes: 20 TTB + 2 sets of bar MU for max reps
Score: 5:20, 5:44, 6:16, 7:09 - BMU fucker mig op.

(Choose a suggested maximum of 2 of the 4 options)

(Optional- Add to your main training)
1: Complete 3 rounds of:
30 Alternating pistol squats
Handstand walk ramp over and back
12 Strict pull ups
Handstand walk ramp over and back
Modified til HSW rampe + 10 pistols x4 runder
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