Age 28 , BW 93.5
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Your are on Tuesday 17, Sep 2019
Custom ~1RM (EFF) Factor = 60.
-- Bodyweight: 97
A1: Every 90s x 5 sets:
Snatch pull + power snatch, 2+1

A2: Every 90s x 5 sets:
Snatch pull + squat snatch, 2+1

A3: Every 90 x 5 sets:
Power snatch + squat snatch, 1+1

Notes: This should not be a maximal lifting session. Keep the weight a little lighter today, I would suggest that you have around 85%-90% of your max power snatch on the bar for A3.

50x2 saet
60x2 saet
70x1 saet

70x3 saet
75x2 saet

75x1 saet
80x3 saet
85x1 saet

B: For Time:
50ft Single arm overhead DB lunge 50/35lbs
12 Alternating single leg DB box step ups 24/20â
12 Strict HSPU
50ft Handstand walk
Rest 60 seconds
x 5 Sets
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