Age 33 , BW 216.8
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Your are on Wednesday 25, Mar 2020
-- Bodyweight: 214.2
Gym closed - meso 1 - week 1

Banded squats - black spri bandx50,30,24

Banded pull-throughs - orange spri bandx25,25,28

Bulgarian split squat - BWx21,18

Banded push-ups - orange spri bandx14,11,10

Pull-ups - BWx8,6,6

Banded lateral raises - orange spri band (per hand)x10,12
Supersetted with
Banded overhead tri ext - orange spri band (per hand)x15,15
Supersetted with
Band curls - heavy spri band (w/handles)x15,16

I underestimated the novelty of the movements and high-rep work and the leg work completely gassed me for the remainder of the workout
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