Age --- , BW 85.1
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Your are on Friday 13, Apr 2018
Glute Shuffle 2 sets (platform length an back)
Rotator Cuff 2 sets of 3 exercises (10 reps)

Lat Plate Raises 5x12 w/ 5kg per hand
DB Skull Crushers 5x12 w/ 11kg per hand
Pendlay Row 5x10 at 60kg
WG Strict Pull Ups 5x8
Reverse DB Flyes 5x12 w/ 9 per hand
Superman Hold 5x20s
Asian Abs 4x20 w/ 40kg

- Supersetted lateral raise, skull crushed and rows
- Supersetted Strict Pull Ups and Supermans
- Superseted reverse flyers and Asian abs
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